15 Mysterious Facts About Space

Space is an endless void of darkness, galaxies with planets and a never-ending abundance of stars. While it may be romantic to think about going out there and exploring worlds undiscovered, there is a real danger in space. Even just traveling within our own solar system is considered dangerous. Even programs like NASA don’t have Space Exploration perfected as a science. With disasters like the Challenger and Columbia, it’s really made us pause and consider whether we’re really meant to shoot for the stars. Hang out with us until the end to find out why you should wear earplugs if you ever visit space.

Our Galaxy is Disappearing

Our Galaxy is Disappearing

When we think of space, we tend to think of a very still and quiet environment. There’s no oxygen, no gravity. Everything is just floating around and minding its own business, right?? Well, not exactly. There’s a lot going on in outer space. One of the really terrifying facts about space is that the Milky Way is disappearing. In case you haven’t learned this yet, our solar system is in the Milky Way. Basically what’s happening is that there are clusters of galaxies moving towards a small patch of sky between the Centaurus and Vela constellations. And then, they are disappearing.

This has been called the dark flow and there are 13 galaxies that have made this move so far. It’s hard to tell how long it will be before this affects us. So you might not want to stray too far from the solar system so you can stay away from the dark flow.

Radiation in Space

That unknown sources of energy sucking the life out of galaxies isn’t the only thing you should worry about. However, if you’re like Elon Musk who was currently working on colonizing Mars and you’re probably not worried about much. As we know, there’s plenty to worry about in space and one of those things is radiation.

We know that Elon isn’t worried about that either but we should. Radiation in space is of very real and very scary problem. We have some protection from space radiation thanks to the Earth’s magnetic field but once you’re in the solar system you’re getting radiation on full-blast. And guess what, it only gets worse the deeper you go into space. So, deep space means cancer, cooking your insides, and messing with your cognitive function.

Running Blackhole

Running Black hole

The dark flow and radiation isn’t the only thing that we need to worry about in space. There are not only just your regular scary black holes, but there are supermassive black holes. Now, we’re not talking about the popular song by Muse. This is a black hole that is moving at a speed of five million miles per hour. It was discovered by the Hubble telescope in 2017. Think of it like an extremely hungry void that is eating anything and everything in its path. It weighs about the same size as one billion suns. Because of the size, scientists say it’s knocked out of its own galaxy and it’s free to roam the universe. Thankfully, it is about eight billion light-years from Earth, so no worries for now.

Space Exploration

Space Exploration

If you should ever decide to explore deep space like they do on shows like Star Trek and Star Wars, it’s similar to walking in a minefield. Not because there are intergalactic battles against the Empire or some rogue alien alliance. It’s because there are stars bursting, planets making like Alderaan and exploding. This is so much more than fiction and guess what, earth is also in line. If you think that the universe is set to continue for all eternity, think again.


Scientists have long speculated that the universe will eventually collapse. But the newest theory is that it will all just go BOOM. This theory is known as big rip and it basically means that everything will blow itself apart, including even the tiniest atoms. Granted will all be long gone by the time this happens. But why go out in deep space where there could be other big rips happening??

Real life Alien Fungus


No. Those alien fungus doesn’t look anything like the picture. We’ve all seen those terrifying space movies where some rogue fungus gets on a spaceship, mutates into a terrifying creature, and takes out the entire crew before arriving at earth. Believe it or not, this isn’t purely fiction.

Scientists have made the disturbing discovery that fungus not only grows well in space but it actually thrives. It survives under radiation and extreme temperature changes. For example, the fungus Aspergillus fumigatus thrives just as well on the International Space Station as it does on earth. There is also a new fungus recently discovered on the Russian space station called mirror. It seems to have come from space and it is proven difficult to get rid of. There’s growing concern over what it will do to the crew and what will happen when they return to Earth. Maybe this is how the zombie apocalypse happens. But not only do you have to worry about what’s happening in space you would also have to worry about what’s happening with your own body when you live in outer space.

Space Changes Us

At the mercy of microgravity, some weird things happen. For one astronaut have reported that their vision actually changes. Studies have shown that the back of their eyeballs become flatter. They got blurry vision and inflamed nerves in their head. Heads became puffy and legs got skinny. Even the clear fluid that travels around the spine and the brain can change in volume. This only seemed to directly affect those who traveled in space for long durations of time we know.

Now that traveling in space can definitely change the dynamics of your body. But did you know that it can change the structure of your DNA?? Okay, to be more specific, it can change your gene expression which is a bit different. So know you’re not going to mutate into this weird creature from being in space for too long. But things still do change. Let’s take a look at Scott Kelly.

He and his brother Mark were identical twins then Scott spent a year in space. He actually spent 340 days on the International Space Station. When he returned, he was taller, the bacteria and his gut was different, his vision changed and his gene expression was different. About two years later, Scott shrunk back to his original height and the other factors look like they resolved themselves. It’s truly fascinating to see just how much space can actually change our bodies.

Planet Killer Gamma Ray

Planet Killer Gamma Ray

We mentioned before that there are a lot of things happening in deep space that we don’t see. Besides black holes eating galaxies, we also have cosmic collisions where mainly talking about stars colliding and causing bursts of gamma ray explosions. Why is this a problem?? Well, if you’re close to a gamma ray explosion you’ll be fried and won’t survive. Since space is vast and wide, these bursts of gamma rays easily travel throughout the universe. It’s only a matter of time before one of these bursts is strong enough to truly affect earth in a catastrophic way. But, if you were to travel around deep space there’s a good chance you might accidentally give yourself a front-row seat to one of these cosmic collisions and meet your end.

Solution of Water Problem in Space

Water in Space

There’s another terrifying factor many don’t consider when it comes to space travel and that’s water. We know that water is vital to our survival and it is one of the most precious resources you can find in space travel. Sending water up to space is extremely expensive so astronauts have to be resourceful when it comes to recycling water. How exactly do you recycle water?? Where does it come from?? Well, it comes from the astronauts. They have to drink their own pee and sweat at times. Yes, the liquid does go through a filtration system. But, the very thought of drinking one’s own body fluids is mildly terrifying if not downright disgusting.

Space Junk

Another thing to think about is the debris and lifeless bodies floating around in space from failed missions before. We could even fathom sending humans into space. Scientists had to send another life-form up there in order to make sure space travel was safe. We’re talking about the countless animals that were shot up into space and didn’t live to tell the tale. There’s a good deal of debris floating around from these ships and inside are the remains of our furry friends.

Space Zombies

Speaking of lifeless remains we also have a plethora of zombies’ stars in the universe. Besides sounding like a plot for a bad horror movie, Zombie stars are actually pretty creepy. Zombie star is a star that survived a type lax supernova. Afterwards, they remain as a mysterious glow which is why they have been given the name of being Undead. What is even creepier is that these zombie stars actually make sounds that are compared to screams and howls. Apparently, they also consume nearby stars as well look at it as siphoning matter from nearby stars and planets in order to survive. Perhaps, instead of saying brains, they’re saying stars. Sorry for the bad joke but we couldn’t resist.

Big Bang’s Leftover

Back to traveling deep space. Depending on how deep you go into the universe you might run into something called a supervoid. Granted, we don’t quite know what that is yet. Back in 2004 scientists were analyzing the far reaches of our galaxy to study the oldest remnants of the Big Bang. What they found was a cold spot that is billions of light-years wide and there seems to be nothing in it. It’s cold and black. There are no stars planets nothing. Some think it could be the gateway to an alternate universe while researchers are speculating that it is likely a supermassive black hole that is tremendously large. Traveling to this supervoid is impossible but it is really scary to think there’s a random void in the universe waiting to consume us.

How does it smell??

Space Smells like Raspberries

This next fact might not seem as scary but if you’re sensitive to smell you might want to reconsider a career in space travel. While there is no oxygen or gravity in the voids of space, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t smell. When you think about all of the gases that surrounds each planet, nebula etc. you’re sure to run into a random smell some. Astronauts have reported smelling cooked meat after their spacewalk while others have smelt things like metal and raspberries. It truly is puzzling at least there aren’t or reports of smelling lifeless bodies in Earth’s orbit.

Darkest Place Found

Darkest Place in the Universe

But sometimes the darkest things known to men aren’t creatures’ animals or humans. They could be planets. In 2011, researchers discovered an alien planet that was so dark; it reflects less than 1% of the sunlight that shines on it. Dubbed TRES-2B, this planet is about the size of Jupiter. What is even more disturbing is that scientists can explain why it is so dark. One could say that mystery is intriguing but when you’re talking about the mysteries of space mystery is a bit more terrifying. This would be the chance to send a self-sacrificing space team out there to explore the uncharted planet. But, it’s about 750 light-years away. So, the crew would never return.

Sound of Space

What does space sound like?? Well, it’s hard to tell but we’re even closer now to figure it all out. We mentioned that you might need earplugs next time you go into space. To be fair, since there is no oxygen in space, sound waves can’t really travel. However, there are radio emissions coming from different planets. NASA decided to convert these radio waves into actual sound bites and the results are absolutely terrifying. They release the sounds just in time for Halloween. So you can get an idea of what planets like Saturn and Jupiter sound like, to be honest they sound like howling ghosts traveling through space and time. It’s the very product of nightmares and it made space even scarier for all of us. What do you think of these 15 terrifying facts about deep space??

Image Creadit: Pixabay, Nasa

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