Allium roseum


Allium Roseum, generally referred to as rosy garlic, is an edible, Old World species of untamed garlic. It’s native to the Mediterranean area and closes by areas, with a pure vary extending from Portugal and Morocco to Turkey and the Palestine region. It’s cultivated extensively and has developed into naturalized in scattered places in different areas exterior its pure vary.

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Allium Roseum grows naturally to about 18 inches (46 cm) excessive in well-drained soils, and in Europe blooms from late spring to early summer season.

The inflorescences of A. roseum are umbels. The free, aromatic florets are about 3 inches (76 mm) lengthy, having six pinkish to lilac tepals.

The bulb’s scent and flavor are highly effective sufficient to drive squirrels and searching deer away from gardens, the place they’re planted as decorative flowers. For that reason, they’re appropriate as companion plants to tulips and related species.

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Allium roseum was initially described and revealed by Carl Linnaeus in his Species Plantarum in 1753. Subspecies + varieties

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Quite a few names have been proposed on the subspecies and varietal ranges throughout the species. However, only some are presently accepted:

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  • Allium roseum subsp. gulekense Koyuncu & Eker – Turkey
  • Allium roseum subsp. roseum – most of the species vary
  • Allium Roseum var. roseum – most species v.ary
  • Allium roseum var. tourneuxii Boiss. – IsraelPalestineEgyptLibyaTunisiaAlgeria
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previously included

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