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The virtual tools that we need the most in this technology based life are web browsers. To access internet we need three things. We need a device, internet connection and web browsers. The amount of time that we spend on the internet, we spend most of the times on web browsers. That’s why we need good and reliable browser on every internet connected device.

All of us are knows to different web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Browser etc. and we have used these at least once in our life or still use. But, today we are going to discuss about a different, popular, decent and my personal favorite web browser called Brave Browser.

In 2014, the CEO of Mozilla Firefox Brandon Eich retired from Mozilla and started his own company called Brave Software’s. His goal was to create a fast and reliable game changing browser where user priority will be the top priority. And you should know that Brave Browser is an open-source project.

User Interference

User interference or design is one of the most important features, because of which we use a browser. Speaking of user interfaces, it depends on the personal habits of most users. A lot of people likes using boxed tab designed browsers like Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox and many of them likes material design language of Google Chrome. Some people don’t even care about user interference.

But, as Brave Browser is a Chromium depended browser, that’s why you will find its design language similar with Google Chrome and most of the chromium depended browsers. But, brave browser title bar and tabs opening and switching is more smooth and responsive than the original Google Chrome title bar and tab. Besides, its settings page and all of its settings is similar to Google Chrome and other chromium browsers.


In this part, Brave Browser is different than google chrome and different Chromium based browsers. You will find many unique features in Brave browser that you will not find in most other chromium browsers.

You will find a lot of features of google chrome like theme sink, extension sink, password sink, cloud sink, etc. in Brave Browser by logging in with your Google account. Besides, you can use almost all of the extensions of the chrome web store in Brave Browser.

Now let’s see what more features are there in Brave browser without the typical features.

Brave Rewards

Adblocker are not very good for the content creators because showing ads in your website is the main source of income of the content writers. So, if ads are not shown in their blog, it won’t generate any revenue for the content writers or it will reduce the amount of revenue. So, that’s why Brave Softwares have kept a lot of chances for the content creators. If you join a brave rewards program, then you can see some targeted ads of Brave while browsing the internet and you can earn some Brave Reward point or BAT Currency in the language of Brave by watching those ads.

Then if you try to visit a blog or a website with ad blocker on, you will be able to gift the BAT Currency as tips to support them.

And yes. There is the real value of this BAT. Brave Currency 30 BAT costs about $4 USD. Without this, you will be able to gift these BAT as tips by purchasing them with your money. But, this reward system is fully optional. There is no debt that you have to join the Brave Rewards program and watch ads.

Innovative Ad Blocker

The ad blocking feature is in almost all kinds of modern browsers. But, brave browser ad blocker is implemented differently. But before that, I should clarify that Brave browser doesn’t only blocks AdSense advertisements but also blocks third party trackers and cookies so that none can track your browsing behavior. It’s built in Shield tool blocks any unwanted or malicious code implemented in a website so that you don’t become a victim of Malware or Hacker or Crypto jacking.


The speed of Brave Browser is as google chrome because it is made on chromium engine. But, every website loads faster on brave because of its built-in ad blocker, tracker blocker and script blocker. This is nothing to be amazed of because by blocking ads and trackers and scripts, all kind of websites becomes faster. And, brave uses a lot of less memory/rams whether it is not a big difference. If you are used to using google chrome, than you will definitely like brave browser.

Brave Smartphone Browser

Brave Browser is not only available for MAC, Windows, or Linux but also available for Android and IOS which is completely free. The android version of brave is also chromium based. But, the IOS version uses the rendering engine of Safari. That’s because no third party browser can use other rendering engines without Apple’s own engine. (Typical Apple Limitation)

You will find almost all of the features of brave in the android version like ad blocker and additional blockers that can be found in the PC version. And smartphone browsing interface is the same as google chrome. But there is nothing special in Brave’s Mobile version. And if you use brave in your desktop, then you should use it in your smartphone.

This was a short review of the brave browser. This article is not a paid or sponsored article in any way. I just wanted to talk about your own personal favorite web browsers. Which is your favorite web browser? Why do you like it? You can let us know about it in the comments section below. If there is any other question or opinion then please tell us. We sure love meeting new people.

If you are very worried about your browsing privacy, then it’s one of the web browsers for you. Since being a chrome-based browser, it has almost all features and extensions support of google chrome. There are ad blockers as well as trackers, scripts, and third-party cookies blockers that aim at Great Browsing Experience. There is a program called Brave Reward Programs to support the creators.

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