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COD: Modern Warfare is now officially 200 GB | Nice Work Activision

Well, they finally did it. The game is now finally 200 GB. It is over 200 GB actually. All my disk space gone filled up like water. To keep this game in my device, I had to delete a lot of stuff including movies, my precious memories and other games to try out the new update. But, what did it do?? Fill up my drive.

Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 5 actually sounds pretty good. But, I am giving a small chance to myself this time because I waste a pretty good time in playing this game. This game does surely takes your time well but this time, it took my disk space too. It took more than 200 GB on my C: drive.

Well, for those people who have a 256 GB SSD space, they have to say goodbye to this game. Because, after the OS being in there, it surely is a tight squeeze. And, the game size of thereabouts is almost 242 GB. So, it is literally impossible for them to play this game and do other things simultaneously. A large number of mid ranged gamers are saying goodbye to this game. After all, they can’t just have one game on their PC and play only that one.

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