iPhone 12: What Might Be Coming Soon??

You know, what’s exciting. We just started the second half of 2020 and we’re expecting a lot more major releases in just the tech world in general. We saw a lot of minor stuff in the first half, but just in the smartphone world, Pixel 5is probably coming along with maybe Pixel 4A. Galaxy Note 20 and maybe note 20 Ultra, Galaxy fold 2, ASUS ROG phone 3, OnePlus Nord, and iPhone 12, just to name a few.

So this article, is what I’m hoping for based on what we think we know about iPhone 12, and what I will talk about here is the classic midyear dummy models of the iPhone that come out. That’s sort of ideally, hopefully, represents something like what we’re going to see in the final version in September. So the theme that I’m on a blanket over everything we see here is iPad Pro. A lot of the changes and improvements and additions we’re expecting and hoping to see in this next iPhone are kind of already in the iPad Pro, one of my favorite gadgets in a long time.


But first thing you’ll notice about this iPhone 12 stuff is the sizes. There are three sized models here representing basically what we’ll see as iPhone 12, iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. But this time, as you can see, the nonprofit phone is the smallest iPhone. Unlike previous years where it was like the middle size and then the approximate screen sizes we’re looking at here are 5.4 inches, 6.2 inches and 6.7 inches.

I’m kind of a big phone person, but I’ve thought a lot of people are going to appreciate the smallest version of the iPhone 12. It’s like the closest thing to what we’ve been hoping for, which is a refinement of that old square design. And 5.4 inches as the screen size is surprisingly compact. And just for some perspective, the last time we had a Samsung flagship of that screen size was Galaxy S7.

So I’ve always given out the best small phone of the year and my smartphone awards at the end of every year. And it seems like it’s always just the smallest iPhone versus whoever else decided to make something like a small flagship in the past year. Because it’s the rare thing to do. So I have a feeling it’s going to look the same way this year with this small iPhone. And then at the other end of the spectrum, the biggest iPhone is even bigger. 6.7 inches is massive. That would be the biggest iPhone ever. And also, consequently, their biggest battery ever and the most room internally and any iPhone. But really, I got to say, after all these iOS 14 updates we got with the widgets and everything. This is probably the phone that’s most likely to take the biggest advantage of it.

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But anyway, here’s a little mockup. Thanks to the magic of image editing of what that huge screen might look like on iPhone 12 Pro. That’s my iOS 14 home screen right now. And it’s just a massive canvas for watching videos and gaming, multitasking and all that sweet iOS 14 pictures and picture stuff. Plus the notch does look a little bit smaller when the screen is a little bit bigger. And I guess that brings us naturally to the design, which you’ve definitely noticed by now. Straight from the iPad Pro, we got these squared-off flat sides.

And you know what that means. It’ll stand up on its own without a stand now. I don’t know why that’s so satisfying to me. It is just funny that it does that. Now, I know most people have a case on their phone, but if I can just speak to the small minority of us who carry a phone naked, who don’t have a case on it and who feel it every day, the rounded sides of the iPhone were just a little less satisfying to hold.

And these flat sides are, it just feels more secure and just more confidence inspiring. So beyond just the aesthetics of looking better with flat sides, I really do think, like it’s it feels better to have flat sides. So now it inherits that cleaner, more modern iPad pro look. And we’re still looking at a pretty similar camera bump on the back, Apple logo in the middle of the phone. It’s still familiar iPhone, as we said, for like the last 10 straight years.

But that’s what Apple does. You know, they know being a better but still familiar version of what they’ve done for so long is just going to work. And that’s about as big of a design change as we expect to see.

The front Side

Now, the notch on the front, this is something the models can easily get wrong. My wish list is smaller notch, just purely for aesthetic reasons. But I also know that to keep face I.D. and to keep all those sensors means you still got to keep some kind of notch.

So, I don’t expect it to be a drastic change until they get rid of it completely. That day may come somewhere in the distant future when they decide to add touch ID back underneath the glass of the iPhone. But generally, I wouldn’t expect any drastic change with a notch this year. Also, you know, last year, they said Face ID would get faster and work at more angles. I hope they take another meaningful step in that direction again this year because, you know, it’s better by a little bit.

But I still, even at a 45 degree angle, have to do that, like lean to get it to see and recognize my face. So I hope that gets better. And then these models are usually pretty accurate with external dimensions. And so if they are again here, these new iPhones are actually pretty thin, you know, just a tiny bit, maybe a half a millimeter thinner than current phones, but they just feel thinner because of the flat sides.

And just overall, the design reminds me not of the iPhone 5S, possibly the most beloved iPhone design of all time. But it actually reminds me of iPhone 4, just more of a straight up glass sandwich that actually lacks the chamfered edges. You know, maybe they’ll get that chamfer machine going for a lucky iPhone 13. And then, you know what else we can’t tell from these dummy models is the displays refresh rate.


So, the number one item on my wish list for the new iPhones is a promotion of 120-hertz display. Just like we’ve seen it on a bunch of other phones so far this year. Just like we’ve seen it on iPad Pro.

The rumor mill suggests we should see it on at least some of the new iPhones, maybe just the pro models, maybe just the biggest one. That’s another one of the weird rumors kicking around right now. But I am looking forward to it catching up and having a high refresh rate on the new iPhone. That port at the bottom, probably lightning again. You know, as much as I wish, they’d also grabbed USB Type-C from the iPad pro.

This is one of those things Apple has been the most stubborn about. Not that there’s anything physically wrong with the lightning port for most people. It’s just USB type C is better. And way more universal.


And then let’s talk about these cameras for a second. So not expecting a huge drastic change for the new cameras, but there have been some lines in iOS 14 code dug up that suggest a couple new features. So currently, iPhones max out at 4k 60fps.

Or if you want super slow motion, you have 240fps at 1080p. But those new lines of code suggest new iPhones will be able to do 4K 240fps, which is just silly. But it’s funny because most professional cameras are not capable of 4K 240fps. I think the RED camera is barely capable of that in the first place. That’s just Apple straight flexing their image processing pipeline and their new performance, wherever the new chip is in the iPhone should be top-notch, as usual.

Get it?? Top-notch. Anyway, you can see on the models the smallest iPhone; the iPhone 12 has 2 cameras, while the pro models have 3. Makes sense. But it also has me wondering about that LiDAR. Remember, LiDAR on the iPod Pro’s cameras for better and faster A.R. experiences?? The question for me when we saw that was OK, is that now required for Apple’s vision of the future of AR? And if so, are we going to see it in every new iPhone?

So that’s an unknown right now, but that’s something to keep an eye out for. As of right now, this suggests we won’t have LiDAR. And also another little thing. There’s an extra little button down here on the bottom left corner on this model. What is that? It’s not the power button that’s still in its normal place on the top right. So this little extra button is on the bottom left of the 12 Pro and on the middle left and middle right of the 12 Pro Max.

Is that a fingerprint reader? Is that is that a smart connector for some sort of accessories or wireless charging accessory? My answer is, I don’t know. It doesn’t appear at all in the smallest non-pro iPhone. The rumors suggest it’s probably not a smart connector and maybe just a magnetic charging accessory or something like that. But we don’t have, of course, the final iPhone in front of us, do we? So that’s some speculation we’re going to have to keep an eye on.

And then 5G is another one that you can’t tell from the models. But we’re expecting 5G to make its way to the iPhone 12 lineup. And again, it could have some variety across the line where we see millimeter wave only on certain models or we might not see 5G on every single new iPhone 12. That’s up to Apple. But generally, when you get a 5G phone, you’re expecting higher prices because of the new modems and higher power draw. But again, the biggest phone has the biggest battery ever in an iPhone.

So we’ll see how Apple handles that. And then a frosted glass back potentially on the pro, like as long as we’re doing wish-list stuff. If we’re just looking at how reflective, if we can have a non-glossy black phone, maybe like a matte black phone this year, that would be pretty sick. But anyway, that is pretty much it. And honestly, taking a step back, I think this new hardware design, combined with iOS 14 is potentially one of the biggest changes to the iPhone we’ve seen in a long time. And, I like a lot of it. But, it is not final and there’s a lot to look forward to. This is just the second half starting of 2020 including iPhone 12.

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