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Most Kill Free Fire Record

In every mobile game, there is a record made by some players. And, as free fire is a really competitive game, records to not stay held by player for too much time. But, recently, a player from India server made a record on free fire of 31 kills. His YouTube channel name is Ankush Free Fire.

Recently, while he was playing a game of solo vs squads, he made a world record. He did 31 kills in the game. And, one of his kills got stolen. So, he technically did 32 kills but it got counted 31. Okay.

Basically, Solo vs Squads is a type of gameplay where you have to fight with a whole squad and go through them with your skills and thinking power. You have to set combinations of skill and thinking power and you have to go through all 4 players and finish them. This is what he was doing. While playing this game, he went through almost 8 squads alone where there is only 13 squads in the whole game.

Surprising?? Yes. That’s what he did. He went through all of them and survived till the last and won the game what is usually known as he bought booyah to himself. If you get a booyah, that means you won the game.

So, it was a really exciting game for him and for those who saw the gameplay. If you did then you know that there were times in this game that he had to run back because the players were giving him damages a lot. But, in the end, he did win and made a world record. So, do you want to enjoy the gameplay?? Let’s do it then. Let’s enjoy the gameplay together.

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